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Covid-19: Statement to our partners

Throughout the unprecedented outbreak that has spread worldwide in the past months, EverZinc has maintained a high level of production to continue supplying all our partners. Keeping our workforces safe is a major concern that challenged us every day.

Dear Partners,

Throughout the unprecedented outbreak that has spread worldwide in the past months, EverZinc has maintained a high level of production to continue supplying all our partners. Keeping our workforces safe is a major concern that challenged us every day.

Here’s a statement to keep you updated about the current trading situation and everything that has been put in place to move forward and embrace the future.

  1. Workplace & Safety
  • Safety equipment and specific distancing procedures are provided everywhere since the beginning (hydroalcoholic gel, disposable masks, illustrated procedures available on leaflets and video).
  • From the month of March until May, we promoted teleworking wherever it was possible, giving our teams enough equipment to make the remote work as efficient as possible.
  • As our workforce is now back in the offices, we follow simple but efficient guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. Respect and flexibility are paramount to help everyone contribute and amplify all our core competencies.
  • Business travels and collective activities such as team buildings or group trainings are postponed until further notice.
  1. Operations & Sales Outlook

Many of our customers are active in fields that are considered as essential in the challenging times we are in: pharmaceutical products, health & personal care, heart monitors, rubber bands for masks, etc. In order to ensure the expected deliveries, we managed to get the supply chain uninterrupted during the whole crisis.

Contribute is a major value for EverZinc, more than a supplier, we are a partner. All our employees contributed to put their brick in the wall to supply all the partners active in the fight against COVID-19.

  • As our suppliers are located worldwide, we enhanced the communication with many national authorities to ensure and maintain good production levels by helping the granting of authorizations to continue to operate and cross the borders.
  • Most of the plants were able to ensure productive months in March and April. Despite all the challenges and troubling circumstances, they achieved good operational results.
  • Mutual aid is key to support the fight against COVID19. As an example, EverZinc Malaysia donated 3 boxes of N95 masks and hand sanitizers to the local Police Force in Pasir Gudang, Johor. Other countries could beneficiate from safety masks provided by EverZinc China.

As most of our customers kept up their activities, we feel privileged. We still can feel a certain stability in the orders made by our customers, even if there’s no sign, at this point, of a resumption at full capacity for all the markets.

The sales forecast given by a certain amount of these markets are following a positive trend, which gives us some great expectations for the second half of this delicate year.

Once again, we really want to thank all our teams for their good work and the impressive bonding made with all our partners to ensure the good production and deliveries.

  1. Embrace the future

When we were into the eye of the outbreak storm, we decided that communicating as much as possible with all our colleagues around the world would be the best way to keep everyone aboard.

Today, to embrace the new future, we need to be creative, to think out of the box, which is also a main value for EverZinc.

Our mandate is to accelerate the development of the business linked to new rechargeable energy storage solutions. Our teams are constantly hardworking to innovate and network with other companies that want to break the rules, share and create. The annual Zinc Battery Meeting, R-Zinc, has been delayed and will now take place on March 30-31, 2021 in Brussels.

Alongside, after the launching in 2019 of our latest branch, Zano® and a brand new website dedicated to EverCare (), we are now developing a Positive Reef Initiative with different environmental partners (such as Love the Oceans and the University of Leeds). Our aim is to allow for the creation of reef friendly sun care products while at the same time having a positive contribution to stop coral reef damage and promote its restoration.

This is another important value - and a cornerstone - to all our projects: seeking to reduce our impact on environment.

Entrepreneurship & assembling a strong and stable management are low-hanging fruits that we need to pick to enhance all our workforce, to enjoy what we do every day. In that idea, we created free e-learning courses available for all our managers and team leaders, on various topics.

The crisis has proven that our company is a unity.

This unity and the commitment of all members allows us to fulfill our most basic professional needs and achieve our most sought after dreams.


Vincent Dujardin, CEO