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Vibration Damping and Anti-Rattle Tapes for RV
  • Reduces noise, squeaking, and rattling for a quieter ride
  • Fill gaps and spaces
  • Prevents friction between panels and components
  • Absorbs impacts and vibrations in transit
  • Available in several materials for various applications
  • Adhesive options bond to all areas of the RV
  • Also acts as a weatherseal to reduce outside noise

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Product Summary

Sound damping, squeak reduction and vibration absorbing tapes fill the gaps and spaces in and around RV components to allow for a smoother, quieter environment in transit.


Use LAMATEK foam tapes to fill gaps and spaces throughout your recreational vehicle and eliminate friction, squeaking and rattling:

  • Noise reduction
  • Anti-rattle tape
  • Cushioning
  • Dashboard components
  • Cup holders, bins and consoles
  • Protective padding
  • Gas tanks
  • Scratch and friction prevention
  • Acoustical and sound absorption
  • Vibration damping
  • Impact resistance
  • Around windows and doors
  • Electronics
  • Roof racks


LAMATEK stocks a wide variety of substrates for all of your vibration damping and noise reduction needs. Choose from our stocked materials like PVC vinyl foam, high density urethane, vinyl nitrile and neoprene rubber sponge or talk to a sales representative to find out which tape meets your exact specification. Our foam cushioning tapes are available with high-tack rubber or permanent acrylic adhesive options.


Anti-rattle tapes are provided slit to width on 3” core tubes, typically with a white paper liner.

Our Stamp of Approval

Several of our squeak reduction and anti-rattle tapes are already tested and proven effective for use in portable home construction and recreational vehicles.

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